Helpful information for Carguru users.
4. Parkings
Where may I park the car while I rent it?
When renting a car, the client may park it in any location permitted by the traffic laws.
What is included in the rental price?
Conditions change depending on the chosen car type.

The rate for cars on the map indicated with the raspberry colour icon includes parking in all municipal paid parking lots under the RP SIA Rīgas Satiksme. These areas are A, B, C, D, R and V. You can see the list of other paid parking lots included in the rent price here.

Automašīnu nomas maksā, kuras uz kartes ir atzīmētas dzeltenā krāsā, RP SIA Rīgas Satiksme pārvaldībā esošās pašvaldības maksas autostāvvietu zonu A, B, C, D, R un V stāvvietas - nav iekļautas. Citas stāvvietas, kuras šī tipa automašīnām uz kartes ir izceltas zaļā krāsā - nomas maksā ir iekļautas.
What should I do if I need to park the car in a different location, which charges a fee separately?
If the client must briefly park the car in a different location, in which a separate fee is charged for parking, the client must cover the fee on their own.
Where am I allowed to end my rental?
Rent can be completed within green areas indicated in the Carguru app, and it should be completed in compliance with traffic laws and Carguru rules.
What must I make sure of before ending my rental?
  1. The car must be parked in accordance with the traffic laws;
  2. The car must be parked in a place where it does not obstruct other people;
  3. The next user must be able to find the car and start using it without difficulty;
  4. The car park must be publicly available and not managed by a car park operator. For example, Europark, Citypark or Unipark.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
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