Helpful information for Carguru users.
1. FAQ
Who is allowed to use the service?
Legally capable persons who are at least 21 years old, have a category B driving licence, and driving experience of at least 2 years. Before using our service, the user must always make sure that the payment card linked to the account has sufficient money to cover the trip.
What is included in the price of rental?
The rental price includes all the costs related to the operation of the car. Namely, OCTA/comprehensive insurance, regular vehicle inspections, taxes, Riga municipal car park fees (including in the Centre and the Old Town), petrol, maintenance, regular cleaning and replacement of tyres.
Can I travel outside Riga?
During the rental you can move around Latvia. However, the completion of the rental is allowed only in accordance with traffic laws, and Carguru rules, only in the permitted zones, which you may see in your application (
How to turn on the standby mode?
Nothing special must be done. Standby mode turns on automatically as soon as the ignition is turned off. The price per minute in standby mode is considered in accordance with the rate approved at the time of reservation.
How to rent a car for 24 hours?
You can rent any of our cars and as soon as the price for the rent reaches the maximum amount in 24 hours of use, the taximeter will stop, and the amount will not increase until 24 hours will pass since the beginning of the rental. Please consider that if you drive more kilometres than included in the 24 hours rent, then for each additional kilometre, you will need to pay the amount following the rate approved at the reservation time.
How does the tariff with prepayment work?

The tariff with prepayment allows renting a car cheaper and for a longer time. To use this tariff, you have to choose the desired car and choose the appropriate tariff before the rent.

Before the reservation, you have to make a prepayment by buying G-coins. You can do it in the app, in the G-coins section. If you don’t have enough G-coins on the account, a notification will pop-up, and the reservation will not start.

During the rent, if the price comes to the amount when you are running out of G-coins, you will get a notification about the necessity to top-up the G-coins account. This is just in case you decide to continue the rent for longer or if the price for the rent exceeds the remaining G-coins on the account.

If you don’t plan to prolong the rent, and the price for the rent does not exceed the G-coins balance, you don’t have to react to the notification.

When you decide to finish the rent, choose the payment with G-coins on the payment screen, and G-coins will cover the price for the trip on your account.

What happens if the price for the rent exceeds the amount of G-coins on the account?

In such a case, as soon as the car ignition turns off, the engine will be blocked automatically. Don’t worry; it will not happen while driving. To unblock the car, you have to top-up G-coins account so that it exceeds the price for the rent, and the engine will unblock automatically.

What to do if you have made a prepayment, for example, for 3 days, but after some time your plans have changed and you don’t need the car anymore?

In such a case, you will have to pay the actual price of the rent and the G-coins balance on the account you can use for your future rentals.

What is the minimum rent price?
The minimum rent price is the minimum amount a user will have to pay to rent a car. If the price is higher than the minimum, then this actual price for the rental has to be paid.
What is the "inspection mode"?
Inspection mode is free minutes that are given to the user in the beginning of the rental to check the car and prepare for the trip. In the app it looks like a countdown of minutes in the beginning of the rental. The length of the inspection mode may vary depending on the season. Usually it's 5 minutes. The inspection mode stops after the times is up or after the ignition is turned on.
Where can I leave the car during the rental?
During the rental users can leave the car in any convenient place, in accordance with traffic laws and Carguru rules.
How to end/start the rental in Riga International Airport (RIX)?
You can complete your rental at P3 parking lot (it is located to the right side of the main airport building). Drive in takes place through the barrier number 7. When approaching the barrier, you don’t have to take a ticket, it will open automatically. If the barrier doesn’t open, try to drive back and then slowly forward again.

After the barrier is open turn left, where you will see marked Carguru parking spots. In case if all Carguru parking spots are occupied, you can park the car in any other spot if it is not reserved by any other company.

Exit takes place through the barrier number 4. If the barrier doesn’t open, try to drive back and again slowly forward. If it still doesn’t open or the previous driver took a parking ticket, go to the security guard and they will let you out.
Do Carguru cars have baby seats?
All Carguru cars have a baby booster seat, which provides comfort and safety for your child during the trip. More information here
Am I allowed to take the car keys and documents out of the vehicle?
Before finalising your lease, always leave the keys and documents in the car. During the lease, if you drive outside Riga, we recommend taking the keys with you.
What if I left my things in the car?
Please call our operator on +371 27332733.
What should I do if my phone runs out of battery during the lease?
If your phone’s battery has run out and there is no way to charge it, please call our operator on +371 27332733 as soon as you can.
What should I do if I cannot unlock/lock the car?
If you cannot lock or unlock the car, please check your internet connection and your smartphone first. If all of the above is working, try restarting the app. If the app still does not work properly, please contact our operator by calling +371 27332733.
What will happen if I end the lease in the wrong location?
If a client terminates the lease in a location not allowed by the terms and conditions, they may be subject to a fine, in accordance with the terms and conditions of use.
How do I refuel the car?
If the fuel level in the tank drops under 25%, you can refuel the car independently, using a CIRCLE K card to pay for the petrol and get a G-coins! The card is available inside the car, along with its documents. Our cars may only be refuelled at CIRCLE K petrol stations, with 95 petrol.
Who must pay the fine?
All amounts fined during the use of the car must be paid by the client.
Is it allowed to smoke in the car?
No. Smoking is strictly prohibited; violating this rule may result in a fine, in accordance with the terms and conditions of use.
What should I do if the car is damaged?
Inspect the car carefully before leasing it. It must be in good condition, without visible damage. If you do notice damage, report it to us before unlocking the car by calling our contact number or using the reporting function on our app.
What should I do if the car is dirty?
If you have unlocked the car, and the interior is very dirty and in need of dry cleaning, then before continuing your lease, please report this to us, by calling our contact number or using the reporting function on our app. You may use the same procedure to report that the car is dirty on the outside.
What consequences may be caused by using a damaged car?
The last user of the car takes responsibility for the damage caused to the car. If you do not report visible damage or the necessity for dry-cleaning before starting to use the car, you will be subject to a fine as the last user. If the car is simply dirty, please let us know, and we will definitely clean it.
What should I do if I cannot begin or end my lease, or if there are other problems with the app?
If you have any problems with our app’s functions, please check your internet connection first, and if your phone is working properly. If all of the above is working, try restarting the app. If the app still does not work properly, please contact our operator by calling +371 27332733.
What is the co-insurance amount for the user?
The damage co-insurance amount is EUR 0 or EUR 500, depending on the rate selected. The co-insurance amount is paid in all situations regardless of when the accident in question took place, except when it is clearly known that the client is not culpable for the accident. We withhold co-insurance in situations with joint culpability.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
+371 273 327 33