Helpful information for Carguru users.
5. Electric cars
VW e-up! - general description.
With the new VW e-up! go wherever you desire! The effective electric driving system increases driving distance up to 260km and gives you a pleasant driving experience! Total emissions during the trip are 0g, which helps to decrease the amount of accumulated CO2 emission in the environment.
How to start and turn off the ignition.
Put the key into the ignition, press the brake pedal, turn the key till the very end and let the pedal go. If everything is fine, on the tool panel you will see sign that says “Ready”. Don’t get scared if you think that nothing changed and you cannot hear any sounds of the engine working - this is an electric car, the engine does not make any sounds. After that, the driving process is no different from any other car with automatic transmission. Put the transmission into the “D” or “B” mode and go conquer the city!

To turn off the ignition, first you have to park the car. Then, without letting the brake pedal go, change the position of the transmission to “P” mode, turn the ignition key and take it out. We are kindly asking you to leave the key in the glove compartment, so that the next user could find it easily.

! What to do if you couldn’t start the engine? Take the key out of the ignition, put it back and repeat the steps described above.
How to charge the car.
The given car you can charge using two types of connectors Type2 and CCS (fast charging). To start the charging, open the cap that is covering the charging port (the right back side of the car) and take out the plastic protector. In case if the plastic protector is stuck, press the “Open the door” button on your key or in the Carguru app. Then, connect the charger cable (orange LED light should light up) and activate the charging station. If the process is successful, the LED light will become green.

In case if the LED light remains orange or turned off completely, try to carefully repeat the procedure described above.

! You can disconnect the charger from the charging unit ONLY when the LED light is off.
How to finish charging and disconnect the cable.
Before disconnecting the cable from the charging unit, make sure that the LED light next to the charging port is no longer green or orange. If the LED indicator is still on, press the “open the door” button on the key or in the app. After the LED light is off, you will have 30 seconds to disconnect the cable.

! In any situation, when you cannot open the plastic charging port protector or disconnect the cable - press the “open the door” button on the key or in the Carguru app.
Where can I charge the car during the rental?
The price of the rent includes charging the car at any “Elektrum” charging station. To see the location of all charging stations, we recommend you to download the “Elektrum” app. In the app you can also see which stations are currently available.

To begin the charging, activate the chosen station with the “Elektrum” magnetic card, which you can find in the glove compartment together with car documents, and connect the charging cable. When the LED indicator lights up green - the charging has started.

To stop the charging process, deactivate the station with the “Elektrum” magnetic card, and disconnect the cable.

! There are no charging cables in cars, so the charging is possible only on those “Elektrum” stations that have the stationary cable. Stationary cable is available in all fast chargers with the CCS type connectors, and in some Type2 connectors.
Where else can I charge the car?
During the rental, you can charge the car at your own expense in any suitable place. But before charging make sure that there is a charging cable available. To charge the car at home, you need to have a suitable cable.
How to get bonus for car charging.
There are two ways to get a bonus for charging the car.

The first way - if during the ride the battery charge level went below 40%, and you charged it (before ending the rent), you will receive a 4 G-coins (for the “Pro” rate 5 G-coins). To receive a coins, the vehicle must be charged at least to 85%.

The second way - if the battery charge level went below 40% during the rent, and before ending the rent, you will connect it to any “Elektrum” charging station - you will automatically receive 2 G-coins bonus (for the “Pro” rate 3 G-coins). To receive a bonus, make sure that the charging has started (the LED indicator should be green) before you finish the rent.
How long can I drive with the full battery?
With a fully charged battery on a VW e-up! you will be able to drive for up to 260 km.

However, the real distance depends on your way of driving, air temperature outside, the number of passengers, and other factors. The 260 km distance is the average number that 80% of users can achieve within one year. The shortest distance can be driven on a highway, with an average speed, in winter, with low temperature outside.
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