Helpful information for Carguru users.
2. Bonuses and levels

Three levels have been set so far. The higher your level, the better the conditions and the vehicles. To achieve the next level, you must collect a certain number of bonus points. Bonus points are awarded at the end of every trip as a percentage of the amount actually paid for the trip.

Bonus points can be used to pay for later trips, or collected in order to achieve a higher level.

Bonus points may be used to pay up to 50% of the fee for the trip, although the amount actually paid may not be less than the minimum fee for the trip.

If you do not use your bonus points, they will expire in 45 days. For more information about bonus points and levels, check out the Carguru app!

Bonus points and levels may be voided in the event of severe breaches of the terms and conditions of use.

In contrast, bonus points and levels may be awarded for helping Carguru grow.

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