Drive smart! With Carguru!

This year we plan to consolidate the result and make up for losses in terms of the number of cars in our car fleet!

The founder of car sharing in Riga, Carguru, is strengthening its status as an environmentally friendly service by adding 16 new electric VW e-up! cars to its car fleet.

"Despite the fact that last year the coronavirus pandemic slowed down the development of our car fleet, from a financial point of view, 2020 was a successful year. The positive result was primarily achieved thanks to our users' loyalty and the fact that, in a non-standard economic situation, we revised the business model and significantly increased the efficiency of our processes. This year we plan to consolidate the result and make up for losses in terms of the number of cars in our car fleet," - says the head of the company Vladimirs Reskājs.

For three years, the Carguru car fleet consisted of only Toyota hybrid vehicles. The company decided to start this year by adding VW e-up! electric cars in collaboration with Moller Auto Lidosta.

"For several years, Moller Auto Lidosta is developing the electric car market in Baltic states. It has become one of the first car showrooms that installed electric car "fast charging" stations for their clients. We are delighted that the Carguru company has appreciated our input into the electric car development in Riga. We are convinced that our collaboration is a great way to show society the advantages of electric cars in the city's everyday life," - says Edgars Šturcs, Moller Auto Lidosta Head of Sales.

Volkswagen e-up! is a stylish, modern and easy-to-use electric car, perfect to start exploring the world of electric vehicles. This combination of qualities makes it an ideal partner in an urban environment and outside the city. The rental price will start from 0.00 EUR/min in the standby mode at night (0.04 EUR/min during the day) to 0.23 EUR/min in the Basic rate, and 0.27 EUR/min Pro rate (with zero self-risk). Other rates that are very well familiar to our users will be available, allowing rent a car with a significant, up to 40% discount.

The VW e-up! rent price includes charging at all Elektrum charging stations. Moreover, if the user charges the car during the rent, he will receive a 20% discount (or 25% for the Pro rate) for the current trip. In addition to this, other incentive mechanisms are under development.

"Each car-sharing vehicle replaces up to 16 private vehicles, thus decreasing the pollution of the environment. By developing short-term car rental, Carguru is helping to make Riga a nicer place to live in," - says Vladimirs.