Drive smart! With CARGURU!

Rates for 2 or 3-day rent are available to our users!

Long-awaited tariffs for cheaper (mire affordable) 2 or 3-day rent are available to our users!

  • 2 days Basic / Pro
  • 3 days Basic / Pro

Every 24 hours of rent include 100 free kilometres. The rent price will depend on the chosen car model and tariff plan (Basic or Pro). More information about the price and rent terms can be found in the description of the tariff.

How to rent a car for 48 or 72 hours?

  1. Before renting, choose the rate - 2 days Basic / Pro, or 3 days Basic / Pro;
  2. Both of these rates require prepayment, so make sure to top up your G-coins account;
  3. At the end of the trip, you will have to choose full or partial payment with G-coins on the payment screen;
  4. If you finish your rent sooner, you will have to pay the actual amount at the moment at the end of the trip. The G-coin account balance you will be able to use to pay for your future trips!

Take. Drive. Park. Repeat.