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Important information about payments for trips with Carguru!

Due to the recent directive on a stricter authorization process for payment cards, which came into force on 01.01.2021, some of our users came across problems with payments for trips.

On our part, we have already implemented a new authorization system, but if the user hasn’t updated the app and hasn’t entered his card details once again, transactions are not going through.

What to do if your payment didn’t go through?

  1. Make sure that there are no problems with your bank card (due date, enough money on the card, online-payments are enabled, etc.);
  2. Check in your Apple App store, or your Google play, if you have the latest version of the Carguru app, and update it if you haven’t yet;
  3. Enter your card details in the Payments section once again;

❗️You don’t have to delete your old card before doing that. You will be able to delete it after you have connected a new card.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation!