Drive smart! With Carguru!

Charge the VW e-up! and get a bonus from Carguru!

If during the ride the battery charge level went below 40%, here are two ways to get a bonus for charging the car:

  1. Charge the electric car (before finishing the rent) to at least 85%, and get a 20% (25% in “Pro” rate) discount for the current trip after finishing the rent.
  2. Connect the VW e-up! to any “Elektrum” charging station, and make sure that charging began (LED light should be green). After that, finish the rent and automatically receive 3 Gurucoins (5 Gurucoins for the “Pro” rate) from Carguru.

Learn how to charge VW e-up! by watching a video.

Take. Drive. Park. Repeat.