Drive smart! With CARGURU!

Changes in rate system

Safety on the road is the top priority! Our statistics show that traffic laws get violated the most during short trips. This, as a result, leads to more accidents in the same segment. Therefore, in order to decrease the amount of car accidents and improve the quality of our service, starting with 08.01.2020. minimal charge for the trip will become 2.50 EUR for all rates. You can find more detailed information about each rate in your Carguru app. This will not influence those users, who usually pay more than 2.50 EUR for the trip. If the price for the trip is, for example, 2.70 EUR, than this is the amount that will have to be paid. But if the trip lasted only a few minutes, minimal charge will be 2.50 EUR. Don't rush! Drive responsibly!

Bonuses and discounts
We support our users who help CARGURU become better and provide support with their good work. Help us out and get bonus points, GURUcoins or trip discounts.
Please contact us if you have further questions.