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Carguru and carsharing in Riga turn four years!

The founder of carsharing in Riga Carguru turned four years. You can rarely surprise anyone now with the term “carsharing”, and Carguru cars are already a part of the city environment. But it wasn’t always this way.

  • “This week, our company turned four years, and I still remember how on the 12th of May in 2017 I placed first 12 Toyota Yaris hybrid cars on city streets. Back then, I had a strange feeling when leaving the car on the street for public use. To be honest, I was full of worries and doubts because almost no one believed that carsharing would take root in Riga. On the contrary, almost everyone I talked to didn’t understand why carsharing is needed and who would use it. And just like that, it has been four years. Millions of kilometres have been driven, hundreds of thousands of trips have been taken, and tens of thousands of users have been registered. Today, I would like to express gratitude to our users because thanks to them, carsharing is possible in Riga!” says Vladimir Reskaоs, CEO of Carguru.

Despite the changes that the pandemic has made to our everyday lives, Carguru keeps working and developing, expanding its car fleet and making the service more accessible to users. Historically, the company’s car fleet only consisted of Toyota hybrid vehicles. At the beginning of this year, electric cars VW e-up! were added to the car fleet, but the cooperation with Toyota is continuing. New hybrid cars of this brand appear on the streets of Riga every week during the last two months.

  • “We plan to double our car fleet this year and offer new car models to our users. Also,  within the following month, we plan to update the app, making it even more user-friendly and convenient. We always try to make our users happy, and this year will not be an exception”, says Vladimir Reskajs.

Remote work, which was uncommon for most businesses, is now a necessary measure of the working process organization, and it is slowly intruding into the post-covid-19 reality. More and more people are choosing flexible working hours, financial and geographic independence. New consumption philosophy is gradually taking root in the lives of modern people, and carsharing is becoming a part of a  lifestyle. Short-term rental is convenient and beneficial not only for private users but also for companies. More and more companies become corporate clients of Carguru, forgetting about leasing, insurance, maintenance, fuel prices, parking and many other expenses associated with owning a car fleet.

In the sharing economy, user preferences are dictated not by the ownership but by convenience, mobility and better price parameters. It is essential to mention the environmental aspect, as it is the crucial element in Carguru philosophy. Let's make Riga green together!