About us

Drive smart! With Carguru!

Carguru is the first car sharing service in Latvia. All costs, including petrol, car parks and insurance, are included in the fee.
Drive. Park.
1. A way to save
Carguru users can use transport in a way that is more efficient and economical for their family or company budget. With Carguru, you won’t have to spend money maintaining a car that you do not use most of the time anyway.
2. Efficiency and comfort
Our clients do not have to worry about the obligations they have with their bank, about high parking fees, fuel, insurance, queues in car workshops and continuously growing tax rates. Carguru takes care of all of this!
3. Caring for the environment
Our clients help make the environment cleaner and promote the more sustainable use of natural resources. Everyone in the city benefits from this in the end, regardless of whether they are our clients, or not!
The trend of people not buying a personal car or selling one after signing up to a car sharing system is growing all over the world. Join the Carguru system to find out why.
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